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D.O Maule Valley

The Maule Valley, located 260 km (161 miles) south of Santiago, capital of Chile, is a grape- growing, wine-producing region that dates back to Spanish Colonial times. Today it has around 25,700 hectares (63,506 acres) of cultivated vines, divided into  9,000 hectares (22,239 acres) of white grapes and 16,000 (39,536 acres) of red.

There are different sub-zones within the Maule Valley. All our wines come from our own grapes harvested from our estate vineyard, “Fundo Lagares del Maule”, located in Villa Alegre, which is a colder area near the Andes Mountains, where the significant temperature differential between day and night allows us to develop wines with deep color and intense aromas.

D.O. Maule Valley

Vine region: Central Valley
Sub region: Maule Valley
Zone: Loncomilla Valley
Area: Villa Alegre